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Research-in-Residence Fellowships

Please note that the application documents may change slightly. We recommend that you ensure that the relevant documents are up to date before submitting your application.

Call and Application Details


PICAIS invites applications for a visiting position at the University of Passau in two selection rounds each year.

The application deadlines for online applications for the PICAIS funding programmes are 15 May and 15 October of the each year.

Please find all relevant information in the following four documents:

  1. Call: Research-in-Residence Fellowships
  2. Application form (word-file)
  3. Leaflet: Flat Fees (for section D of your application)
  4. Funding Guidelines

Contact: PICAIS office

Application Details


  • international visiting scholars and hosting partner at the University of Passau.
  • internationally established academics and researchers as well as to promising junior researchers at the postdoctoral stage who are pursuing academically excellent, innovative research projects and are not currently members or employees of the University of Passau.
  • The centre is especially dedicated to the advancement of early career researchers and the creation of opportunities for network-building and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Which subjects, project ideas?

  • open to applicants from all disciplines represented at our University, including the humanities, social sciences, business studies, economics, law, computer science and mathematics.
  • open to all research topics and methodologies.

Whilst there is no restriction on research topics, priority is given to topics that are related to one or more of our University’s three strategic guiding themes which are:

  1. Europe and Global Transformation
  2. Migration, Sustainable Development and Just Order
  3. Digitalisation, Networked Society and (Internet) Cultures

Funding period:

  • The very first call invited applications for the academic year 2021–22.
  • The application deadlines are in several selection rounds each year.
  • The funding period will be arranged individually for each application.
  • Full-time fellowships for short-term research stays of at least two months (preferably longer) and up to six months in duration.
    n cases where there are reasonable grounds for even longer visits, exceptions are possible: Longer stays are in fact preferred and can be split over several visits.

Please note, that applications can only be accepted if

  • they are submitted by persons with a doctoral degree and
  • supported by at least one member of the University of Passau, who will act as the host.

PICAIS Fellows

As of March 2024, PICAIS has hosted sixteen Fellows from twelve different countries. We look forward to welcoming more!

Click on the link below to read all about our current, future and past Fellows, their research projects, interests and hosts at the University of Passau.

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