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Event Funding

PICAIS publishes calls for Event Funding at the University of Passau in two selection rounds each year.

The application deadlines for online applications for the PICAIS funding programmes are 15 May and 15 October of the each year.

Please note that the application documents may change slightly. We recommend that you ensure that the relevant documents are up to date before submitting your application.


Please find all relevant information in the following four documents:

  1. Call: PICAIS Event Funding Programme
  2. Application Form (word-file)
  3. Leaflet: Flat Fees (for section D of your application)
  4. Funding Guidelines

Contact: PICAIS office

Application Details


  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree.
    At least one of the applicants must be a member of the University of Passau.
  • Special consideration is given to proposals submitted by and/or involving early career researchers as well as internationally competitive alliances.
  • The involvement of international speakers is particularly welcome.

Which event types, subjects and/or topics?

  • All forms of academic events (e.g. conferences, lecture series, symposia, seminars, summer schools and workshops) to be held at the University of Passau that 
    • facilitate excellent research and initiate or promote enhance cooperation networking.
  • Participants may include scholars from one specific discipline or a mix of many disciplines.
  • Open to all disciplines, topics and methodological traditions

PICAIS especially seeks to sponsor events that are related to one of the University’s guiding themes, whereby proposals for interdisciplinary scholarly events are preferred:
1 Europe and Global Transformation
2 Migration, Sustainable Development, and Just Order
Digitalisation, Networked Society, and (Internet) Culture

The funding scheme is predominantly set up as partial funding and subsidy (‘Beihilfe’ in German), i.e. it is possible that the funds cover only part of the costs, in which case complementary funding will have to be provided by the applicants.

Please make sure to adhere to the University Guidelines (“Repräsentationsrichtlinien" – available in German, only) for planning events, e.g. catering and hospitality. If you need help with comprehension, please contact picais-office@uni-passau.de.

Furthermore, please use the University’s excel sheet for calculating the costs of the event and make sure to inquire available rooms before submitting your application.

Please also make sure to check that rooms for your event will be available when submitting your application.

As of March 2024, PICAIS has funded six events, hosted thirteen events by PICAIS Fellows, and organized nine other events (networking events, panel discussions, and university lecture series). We look forward to many more interesting and inspiring scientific events!

Click on the link below to read all about our past funded events.

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